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Cartoon Movie Trailer : -Pinocchio (Watch Movie Trailer)

Cartoon Movie Link : -Pinocchios (Watch Movie Online)


Directors: Norman FergusonT. Hee

Stars: Dickie JonesChristian Rub and Mel Blanc

Review:- This is a fantastic story about an inventor named Geppetto. He creates a wooden marionette named Pinocchio. He has a wish to be a real boy and moreover circumstantially he is granted by a fairy. The fairy assigns Jiminy Cricket to act as Pinocchio’s conscience and keeps him out of trouble. He joins him ,but he lies instead of telling the truth and he travels to Pleasure Island instead of going straight home. He is not able to act like him. Moreover, Pinocchio finds that a whale has swallowed Geppetto and he decides to save his father as his real boy.

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